Word Of Encouragement For 2020.

Entering January 2020 is a start of a new time table that God has for us.It’s a month of divine remembrance. The month that God will remember you, your family, destiny, your service and faithfulness.

In Genesis 8:1-4. God did four things for Noah.

  1. God  remembered Noah in the Ark and all that was with him. I prophecy this month and this year God will remember you and all that is with you in Jesus name.
  2. God made a wind to pass over the earth. I prophecy a wind of change to pass over you now, this month in Jesus name.
  3. He restrained the  rain. I restrain every satanic agenda of the enemy against God’s original plan for you in Jesus name.
  4. God brought Noah and the Ark to rest. Today by the power of the Holy Ghost. I bring to you to your place of rest. Noah came to rest in the Ark on mount Ararat. Ararat means curse reversed.In the name of Jesus I reversed every curse against you from your blood line and ancestral lineage. After that God bless Noah and his children.

This January and the year 2020 I release God’s speed and blessings on you in Jesus name.

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