Prophetic Word.

I see you celebrating. 

No sorrow 

No sadness, because my God has brought you into 2023.

I speak into your life my God will announce your glory. Where He has destined you to be you will get there.

Money and everything you need will come to you .

No more embargo 

No more delay 

No more stagnation. 

God’s hand will perfect all tge good works he has started  in your life.

Those mocking you will be put to shame this year.

My God will silence the mouth of mockers in your life be He lives.

Those that mocked you will look back this year and see you in glory, in prosperity and greatness. 

2023 will be a good and remarkable year for you in your calling, ministry, finance and career.

All hands troubling your marriage, calling, ministry  and destiny are cut off in Jesus name. 

I command their hand to wither.

No more battles 

No more struggles

No more failure 

No more disappointment. 

Where you were rejected, you will be announced. 

I announce your glory, breakthrough, help from above and connection that matters.

That destiny, you are there. Nothing will stop you.

My God will establish you.

God will settle youin all things that concerns you.

I will hear your glory this year.

Any dead wish i cancell.

I cover you with the glory of God. 

I pray for you now, new honour in Jesus name.

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