PERSONAL PRAYERS (Psalms 35,91,18,24 and 127)

Personal prayers-February 2020

1.Thank God the new month a d completion of the yearly fasting and prayers for 2020.

2. I call forth my blessings in Jesus name.

3.Every satanic power working to uncover me my destiny and make me naked I stop and destroy in Jesus name.

4.I cover my life, destiny and emptiness by the blood of Jesus.

5.Every evil conception against me in the womb of time,I abort it, let them miscarriage in Jesus name.

6.My father every enemy in father’s house working with the enemy outside against my salvation, testimonies and destiny I break by the fire of the HolyGhost in Jesus name.

7.I release God’s anointing fresh on my head and His power in my hand and God’s speed on my legs to fulfill my purpose and destiny in Jesus name.

8.By God’s favour and mercy I recieve power to fly higher in my destiny

9.I speak health and protection into my body and life in Jesus name

10.I stand against all aggression against me in Jesus name

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