I speak and declare into your lives strength, prosperity and sound health and long life.You shall not die

I say I refuse to be die and be killed

I refuse to be kill by any mischief or plans of Satan and the enemy.I stop and put an end to every conspiracy against me.

I speak against every image use against my life and destiny.I speak against every use of the dead against me, it will not work or stop me .

I cancel every plan of Satan to shame or put me to shame by any form.I speak into your life it shall be from Glory to Glory .

Every where and always, every day is pay day for me every time.Iam doing well spiritually, physically, mentally, morally, financially, maritally and in all my dealings.

Iam called of God and I will fulfill my mandate and God’s original plan for my life.I shall not be cut short, I will make a strong impact in this world for the kingdom of God

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