COVID-19: Information series 2:

Myths concerning the covid-19:

  1. Drinking a lot of water will flush the virus. False.
  2. The virus doesn’t affect young people. False.
  3. The virus will die as we enter into the hot season. False because Africa, Nigeria in particular is not in the winter season.
  4. The virus can survive on our mails ie letter. False but we can take extra message by wiping your mails.
  5. Chloroquine can cure the various. False.
    The virus doesn’t have any known cure or vaccines at the moment.

Furthermore, pls let us be responsible for the sake of others by adhering to the personal hygiene procedures.

Finally, stay save by washing your hand with water and soap every time,keep social distance,obey the government of your country on information given to fight the virus,stay at home and let’s keep being prayerful.

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