The Lord shall deliver me from the wicked and save me because I put my trust in Him.

Thy loving kindness is better than wine.My lips shall praise thee thus I will bless thee.

My soul shall be satisfied as with marrow and fatness.

I shall praise thee upon my bed, meditate on thee in the night watch.

Thou has delivered me from the hand of the strong man.For by my hand a steel bow is broken.

For by my God I have run over a troop and lipped over wall

Every where and in all ways it is pay day,every time for me.

Iam doing well spiritual, physically, mentally, morally, financially, maritally and in every of my dealings.Iam called of God for a reason and I will fullfil my God given destiny and manifest God’s original plan for my life.

I shall not be cut short.I will make a strong impact in this world for the kingdom

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