Prophetic Declaration

I will walk in the resurating power of Jesus. I will mount up with wings as the eagle,I will run and not be tired and walk and not be faint.

All the days of my life shall be good only.I shall above only and not be under.My lips shall sing of the goodness of God in my life , house and my generations after me.All His wonderful works shall adorn the walls of my house.

God will give his angels charge to encamp around me and my house all the days of our lives.Fors I and my house shall say to everyone come and taste and see that the Lord is good.

I see his power and fire all over me as in the days of penticost.Every day and at all times iam getting better spiritually, physically, mentally, morally, marritally and materially.
Every day is a pay time for me.Nothing shall cut me short.I will make a formidable and strong impact in the world for the kingdom

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