I stand before Heaven and Earth and I speak into our lives.Every power assassinating our character i destroyed,every witchcraft power against our lives and families today is destroyed. I release the mercies and favour of God to rest on us forever.
I receive breakthroughs now.I release the hand of God upon us to bring us into our destiny.

Today I disfavour everyone using their favour against us. I dishonour everyone using their honour against us

I deploy the sword against our enemies now.I strike the enemy with the sword

I stop all the plan of the enemy in my life and family.I say today and forever victory is mine over the enemy in Jesus name.

Every where and every way Iam getting better spiritually physically mentally morally financially, maritally and in all I do.

Every day is pay day for me.

Iam called for a purpose and I will fulfill purpose and I will arise and enter my God ordained destiny for my life.Nothing shall cut me short.I will make a strong impact for my world for the kingdom

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