*Father release into my life helpers every where I go in Jesus name.

*Father every powers holding my wealth I stop and destroy them, I release my wealth by fire.I must be rich in Jesus name

*Father every power fighting my safety and the safety of my loved ones I destroy, I deny them access in Jesus name.

*Father deliver me from distraction and fear and put my mind on you in Jesus name.

*Father give me passion and hunger for your presence and me to return to your secret place in Jesus name.

  • Father every ungodly transaction in my life, spiritually and financially, their seat and table be overturn , overturn and broken in Jesus name
  • Father every circle of evil and satanic strides and evil pattern around my life. I frustrate you in Jesus name.
  • Father blanket and cover me with your presence, fill me with your presence in Jesus name.
  • Father send me divine help from strange places and favour in unexpected places in Jesus name.
  • Father I release your mercy over my life and destiny to speak for me and say no to the enemy in Jesus name.
  • Father I stop every power of harlotry the mistress of wicthcraft, I disfavour her.I stripped them of their most trusted weapon in Jesus name
  • Father I arrest the spirit of mockery in the name of Jesus..
  • Father I decree and declare that those who are want to eat my flesh and drink my blood will eat their own flesh and drink their own blood in Jesus name
  • Father I deliver myself from the hand of the terrible and mighty in Jesus name.
  • Father I align my will to your will in Jesus name.
  • Father help me to discover your will and provision for me before I came to town ( the earth ) in Jesus name
    Father prosper the your works in my hand in Jesus name.
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