Personal prayer

  1. Oh Lord deliver me from profitless labour and confused activities, working for men with out reward in Jesus name
  2. From todayon every of my investments, labour and seed planting from the beginning of my career and ministry will begin to yield their full profit and fruitfulness in Jesus name.
  3. My seed shall not be wasted. I will plant my seed on fertile a d good ground in Jesus name.
  4. Father give me the spirit of a cheerful giver who gives out of love and not out of compulsion.
  5. I shall have enough to satisfy my needs and plenty to give to others in need in Jesus
  1. I deliver myself from doubt and fear from past failures and misfortune in Jesus name.
  2. I receive strength and courage to succeed in life and destiny in Jesus name.
  3. All my labour of love shall be remembered in Jesus name.
  4. Father in the time of famine elevate me and satisfy me a d my house and give me prosperity in Jesus name
  5. Father open my eyes to see opportunities around me and the wisdom and power to make use of it all times in Jesus name.
  6. I shall be great and mighty in wealth and in great name in Jesus name

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