Prophetic Declaration

February 2020

Prophetic Declaration – February 2020

The Lord is my Rock and my defense, therefore I shall not be afraid of ten thousands of people that set themselves against me round about. The Lord shall deliver me from the wicked and save me because I put my trust in Him. Oh God thou at my Father and my God, early will I seek you. My soul tasted for you, My flesh longeth for you in a dry and tasty ground where there is no water, to see your Power and Glory as I have seen you in the sanctuary.

Everywhere and in every way I am getting better spiritually,  physically, mentally, morally, financially and in all my endeavor. I am called for a purpose and I will fulfill purpose and I will arise for my God ordained destiny for my life. Nothing shall cut me short. I will make a strong impact for my world for the kingdom.

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